On Saturday, Feb. 1 2014, the CUA Department of Athletics in collaboration with the Office of Alumni Relations inducted its newest Hall of Fame Class inside the university's Prybyla Center.  The inductees were selected by a committee consisting of CUA alumni, university administrators and athletics department staff.

Kate M. Bader, B.S. 1975 Women’s Basketball

During her college sports career, Kate Bader had an impressive history of achievement playing on the varsity basketball, tennis, and field hockey teams. She was the Female Athlete of the Year in 1974-75 and Most Valuable Player in 1973-74 and 1974-75. She also participated in multiple intramural sports, including volleyball and badminton. Playing competitively, always with the highest standards of sportsmanship and ethical conduct, Bader was highly respected by her coaches and teammates. She was a member of the committee that decided which conference CUA would play in, and of another that considered the implications of Title IX and how to implement the law to ensure equal opportunity for women in all sports at CUA.

James M. “Red” Conlen, B.A. 1942 Football

Red Conlen had offers to play football at the University of Florida, the University of North Carolina, and Georgetown University, among others. He chose instead to attend Catholic University, where he played fullback as a freshman before switching to tackle. As a member of the 1940 Sun Bowl team, Conlen's accomplishments earned him MVP on one of CUA's only football teams to participate in a bowl game. His coach at the time noted that Conlen played five different positions, including offense and defense, and excelled at all of them.

Martin “Marty” Dowd, B.A. 1960 Tennis

CUA Men's Tennis Coach Marty Dowd has coached longer and recorded more victories than any other Cardinals coach. Marty who was born in Washington, D.C., in 1937, is a product of Catholic education beginning with Nativity Grade School (1951), Mackin High School (1955), and The Catholic University of America (B.A. 1960 in Art). While a student at CUA, he was sports editor of The Towernewspaper and a four-year member and two-year captain of the men's varsity tennis team. After graduating and completing his military service obligation in the U.S. Coast Guard, Dowd became the Men's Tennis Coach in 1962. In 1965, he married Jone Rastas, CUA's physical education instructor. They had four children, three of whom played tennis for CUA; the fourth accepted a scholarship to play tennis in Division I. In addition to coaching, Marty also designed five opera sets for the CUA School of Music, including La Boheme(1972). Currently, Dowd's record stands at 548 wins and 340 losses. He has achieved 43 winning seasons. Dowd has coached more than 500 CUA students, including four Harris Cup winners. Dowd's longevity and success are summarized by his personal philosophy: "Winning and losing are not as important as playing up to your ability, never giving up, and behaving like gentleman at all times."

Michael B. Moriello, B.A. 1978, Football

Michael Moriello was a four-year starting linebacker whose teams were 24-12. He played club football his first three seasons (1974-76) and competed against a number of Division III teams. Michael helped usher in CUA's first Division III season in 1977. As the 1976 Football Player of the Year, named by the Washington Area Officials Association, Moriello was considered the best player among athletes from area schools, including Division I, such as Maryland, Navy, and Virginia. To this day he is the only CUA player to receive this award. Moriello helped lead CUA football, then a club sport, in its 1976 win over Division III Georgetown.

Mark Robison, Class of 1976 Men’s Track & Field

Mark Robinson is one of the most decorated athletes in CUA history. He has five Division II All-American designations and three Division I All-American designations. He was the Division II National 800-meter champion in 1974 and 1975. In 1974 he was ranked fourth in the world in the 800-meter by Track and Field News. He was inducted into the NCAA Division II Track and Field Hall of Fame in 2012. He was a member of four relay teams that hold records more than 40 years old at CUA. Robinson holds two individual school records at CUA, including the mile (4:07.6) and the 800-meter (1:46.00). He has been a key figure in athletics at CUA for more than 30 years: first as a world-class runner and later as an outstanding coach who devoted 27 years to coaching CUA track and field and cross country teams. Robinson retired from coaching in 2011.

Mark A. Travaglini, B.A. 1978 Baseball

"Trav" Travaglini was a gifted four-year starter and one of those rare players who excelled both defensively and offensively. He played left field and was a starting pitcher. As an all-ECAC selection in 1977, he hit .378, 10 homeruns, 30 RBIs, seven doubles, and one triple; scored nine runs; and stole four bases. As a pitcher that same year, he was 5-0, with an ERA in the 2.3 range. With a mid-90s fastball, he struck out seven of nine Class A minor leaguers in the Philadelphia Phillies organization in a three-inning stint in Clearwater in 1976 in a game the Cardinals played during a spring break trip.

Members of the CUA Athletic Hall of Fame (listed by induction year)

Class of 1977 (Inducted February 25, 1977)
James Carney, B.A. '28- basketball, football, track
William J. Connor, Esq. L.L.B. '27- basketball, football
F. Joseph Donahue, B.A. '22, L.L.B. '25- football, track, track coach, basketball
Raymond A. DuFour, B.A. '28 - baseball, basketball, football
Bernard L. "Dutch" Eberts, B.A. '24- basketball, baseball, football
Raymond K. Foley, '28- basketball, baseball, football
William J. Harvey, B.A. '28- basketball, football
Edmund R. LaFond, B.A. '27- football, baseball, boxing 
John J. Long, B.A. '28- basketball, baseball, basketball coach
Edward J. Lynch, L.L.B. '24- basketball, baseball, football 

Class of 1978 (Inducted March 10, 1978)
John V. Ambrose, B.A. '32 - basketball, football
Rocco R. Blasi, B.S. '31 - football, boxing, baseball
William P. Byrne, B.A. '28 - baseball, football, boxing
Hugh P. Flynn, B.A. '33 - football, boxing, track, basketball
Vincent H. Fraatz, B.C.E. '33, '40- football track
Wilfred D. Howell, B.A. '28 - football, boxing, track
John J. Jankowski, Sr., B.A. '34 - basketball, golf, football coach, football
John J. Malevich, B.A. '30 - football, boxing, swimming, track
Eugene X. Murphy, B.A. '30 - football, boxing, baseball
John. D. Oliva, '32 - basketball, baseball, football, boxing, track
James G. Schmidt, B.A. '29 - basketball, football
Lester J. Sheary, B.A. '33 - basketball, baseball, football
Thomas Whelan, B.A. '33 - basketball, baseball, football
Edgar A. White, B.E.E. '34 - football, basketball, track, baseball 

Class of 1979 (Inducted February 2, 1979)
William A. Adamaitis, A.B. '37- football, basketball, baseball
Joseph P. Anthony (Antonavage), A.B. '37- football
Richard V. Arnold, A.B. '37- football, track
Herbert L. Brown, A.B. '37- basketball, baseball, football
John F. Carlton, B.A. '38- football
Maurice C. Carroll, B.A. '38- football, basketball, track
Joseph E. Clements, B.A. '37- football, baseball, track
Peter J. Dranginis, B.S. '37- football, basketball
Edward F. Dunne III '37- football, tennis, boxing, basketball
Joseph F. Foley, '36- football 
Joseph P. "Pappy" Glodeck, A.B. '37- football
Salvatore J. Greco, Sr., B.A. '39- football, boxing
Edwin J. Karp (Karpowich), B.A. '37- football, track
Leo Katalinas, B.A. '38- football, boxing
William Lajousky, '36- football, track
Robert A. Makofske, B.S. '37- football
George Mulligan, '36- football
Charles R. Munhall, Sr., B.A. '38- football
George R. Orth, B.E.E. '37- football, boxing
Herman R. Schmarr, A.B. '37- football, basketball, baseball, track
Victor P. Sochon, B.A. '38- football
Howard W. Walker, '36- football
Joseph C. Yanchulis, B.A. '37- football 

Class of 1980 (Inducted January 18, 1980)
David B. Bernstein, B. Arch. '40- boxing
Joseph J. Bunsa, '40 - boxing, football
William K. Conter, B.A. '34- football, basketball
Gerald C. Gearty, B.A. '44- football, basketball
William J. Gearon, L.L.B. '39- football, boxing
A. Albert Rosenfield, B.A. '35- football
Frederick T. Stant, Jr., Esq., B.A. '39- football, boxing
James C. Turner, Jr., B.A. '40- boxing 

Class of 1982 (Inducted June 2, 1982)
Wayne Ambrose, B.A. '40- basketball, football, baseball 
Arthur "Dutch" Bergman - football coach
Alphonse F. Calabrese, B.A. '40, M.S.W. '50- football, basketball
Frederick R. Favo, B. Arch. E. '55- track, wrestling, cross country
Francis "Red" Fleming, B.S. '35, football, boxing, basketball
John Kasunich, B.A. '39- football
Dr. James P. Lyons, B.S. '34- football, boxing
Harold McGann, Esq., L.L.B. '37- football
Fred Mix, B.A. '38- football, boxing, track
Thomas Oliver, B.A. '35 - basketball, football, boxing
Rocco A. Pirro, '40- basketball, football
Fred Rice, Sr.- basketball coach
Ferdinand C. Rogers, B.A. '39- football
Henry Sant'Ambrogio, Esq., B.A. '39- basketball, football
Louis P. Shine, B.S. '40- basketball, football
Edward J. White, B.A., '38- football, boxing

Class of 1985 (Inducted June 8, 1985)
Andrew J. Balint, B.A. '56- basketball, baseball
Robert F. Comstock, B.A. '58- basketball, baseball, track
Thomas J. Cronin, Jr., M.A. '50- boxing, cross country
Joseph M. Della Ratta, B.A. '53- basketball, baseball, boxing, track
William J. Dorasavage, '41- tennis, tennis coach
William B. Ennis, III, B.C.E. '51- football, boxing, track
Dorsey Griffith- track coach
Joseph F. Guyon, B.S. '40- basketball, football, baseball 
John J. Hartke, Jr., B.C.E. '27- baseball 
William J. O'Connell, B. Arch. '49- basketball, baseball 
Michael J. Shortley, Sr., '17- basketball, football, baseball, track 
Robert J. Talbot, B.A. '59- baseball, basketball, baseball coach 

Class of 1988 (Inducted April 23, 1988)
Robert A. Adrion, '74- basketball
Francis E. Murray, '50- boxing, equipment manager
Robert M. Flynn, '57- baseball, basketball, track, cross country
John R. Corbett, '41- track
Sharon Hodges Repass, '81- basketball
John L. Schroeder, '42- football
Steven I. Varsa, '68- track, soccer 

Class of 1990 (Inducted April 21, 1990)
Eugene F. Augusterfer, '34- football, basketball, boxing, track
Henry A. Brostek, A.B. '42- football
Forest "Fod" Cotton- football, basketball coach
William J. Ennis, B.A. '69- cross country, track**
Thomas M. Fitzpatrick, Jr., B.A. '69- track**
Eugene J. Horan, B.A. '64- basketball, baseball
Ralph J. "Whitey" Hubert, B. Arch., '50- football, wrestling
Baldwin Hurns, B.A. '72- track**
Rev. Albert MacPherson, '69- cross country, track**
John J. Madison, B.M.E., '59- cross country, track
Barbara Migaki McGaffigan, B.A., '77- tennis, swimming
Walter C. Pipp, '13- baseball
**1969 All-American Relay Team was inducted, those listed were members 

Class of 1992 (Inducted April 25, 1992)
Leonard M. Bartone, '41- boxing
Peter R. Bogan, '59- swimming
Robert A. Denault, '24- football, baseball
Hicabi "Turk" Emekli, '58, '63- soccer, soccer coach, tennis
Martha Ford, '74- tennis
Harold P. Freeman, '54- basketball, tennis
Samuel B. Lee, '54- track
Edmund Gayle McGuigan, '32- track
Charles V. Moran, '12-'28- Athletics Director, baseball coach
Daniel O. Pyne, '36- boxing, football
James T. Reilly, '53-'58- basketball coach
Bridget Bayly Zarate, '78- basketball 

Class of 1994 (Inducted April 30, 1994)
Harry "Keats" Baugher, B.A., '67- swimming
John A. DePasquale, B.S., '32- boxing
Joseph P. Derby, B.A.,- '16- baseball, basketball, football, tennis, track
Jone Dowd- founder
Eugene "Gene" Jasper, B.A., '63- baseball, basketball
Roberta Lynch, B.A., '74- basketball, field hockey, volleyball
Ann Hathaway McGlynn, B.A., '73- basketball, field hockey, tennis
Peter Sachon, B.A., '42- football, track 
Marian Kaye Thompson, B.A., '72- basketball, field hockey, tennis, volleyball
Burke Vidnovic, B.A., '39- football, baseball 

Class of 1995 (Inducted October 20, 1995)
Robert A. Cioffari, B.A., '68- basketball
John J. Hengstler, B.E.E., '33- swimming coach
Russell E. Johnson, B.A.E., '51- track, football
Karyn Dolan Mulholland, B.S.N., '79- tennis, volleyball, swimming/diving
Julius T. Stanges, B.S., '41- football, boxing

Class of 1996- (Inducted November 1, 1996)
John C. Libert, B. Arch., '63- track
David J. Murphy III., B.A., '70- baseball, football
Joseph Pascale '72-'84- football coach
Frederick J. Rice, Jr., B.A.E., '44, L.L.B., '49- basketball
Walter Wegesser, B.A., '67- cross country, soccer, swimming, tennis, wrestling

Class of 1997 (Inducted October 25, 1996)
Robert Hickey, B.A., '74, M.A., '78- baseball
Ratchada Pheng La Or Suber, B.A., '81- volleyball
George Matthews, B.C.E., '60- track, cross country
William Wilson, B.A., '69- basketball
Tom Young 1958-67- basketball coach

Class of 1998 (Inducted October 30, 1998)
Jack Bruen, B.A., '72- basketball, basketball coach
Carolyn Hughes Brady, B.S.N. '84- cross country, track
Stephan Fay, B.A. '75- baseball
Glenn Kolonics, B.A. '78- basketball
Donald Mudd, A.B. '59- swimming

Class of 1999 (Inducted October 22, 1999)
Charles Boettner, B.A. '75- baseball
Michael C. Halpin, B.Arch. '62- cross country, track
Dr. Andrew L. Kurkjian, B.E.E. '75- baseball
Jane Connolly Martin, B.A. '81- basketball, softball
William F. Uber, Jr. B.Arch.E. '58- basketball

Class of 2000 (Inducted November 3, 2000)
The 1977 baseball team finished 18-8-1 and was inducted into the CUA Hall of Fame as the only Cardinal team to qualify for an NCAA Division I Tournament. The club won a bracket of the ECAC District II Tournament in Princeton, N.J., and advanced to the NCAA Northeast Regional in Middletown, Conn. The following players were team members:

Sal Ambrosino
Eric C. Becraft, '80, '81
Robert Berard
James N. Bilodeau
Harold A. Blumenkrantz , '80
Robert Carney, '79
Bruce Cudmore
Michael C. Henry
Joseph J. Janela, '78
Francis (Peter) J. Jones, '79, '82
Vince Kelley, '80
Matthew B. Kurkjian, '78
Ron Lord, '80
Mike Maher, '77, '80
Joseph G. Mayer, '80, '81
Timothy J. McCormick, '77
Alfredo Perez Jr., '80
Reilly M. Shaughnessy, '80
Brent Steele
Mark A. Travaglini, '78
James R. Van Deventer, '78, '85
Michael B. Yeager, B.A. '77 

Class of 2001 (Inducted October 26, 2001)
John Gill, B.A. '62- basketball, baseball 
James Gontis, B.A. '59- wrestling, cross country 
Joe Good, B.Arch. '72- basketball 
Lt. Col. Casimir Ksycewski, B.A.E. '42- football, baseball, boxing 
Louise Mallet-Kelley, B.S. '85- cross country

Class of 2003
Richard Bausch, B.S. '79- tennis 
Jack T. Gardner, '63-'74- swimming coach 
Bill Leahy, B.A. '64- basketball 
Lisa Kellaher Doolan, B.A. '86- basketball 
Mike Tryon, B.A. '82- baseball   

Class of 2005
Margaret Chapman Bee, B.A. '82-basketball
Charles Boylan, B.A. '65-basketball
Victor Capece, B.A. '69 Football and Baseball
Steve Stanislav, B.A. '81-football
Michael Lonergan, B.A. '88-Coach, Basketball, '92-'04

Class of 2007 (November 3, 2007)
Betsy (Becker) Laborde, B.A. '92 - Volleyball
Arthur "Scotty" Cranston, B.A. '51 - Basketball and Baseball
Douglas C. Eby, B.A. '81 - Tennis
Ralph C. Fuccillo, B.A. '85 - Football
William H. Holl,  B.E.E. '50 - Football and Track and Field and Wrestling

Class of 2010 (January 16, 2010)
Jacqualine Brooks '82 - Cross Country
Maj. Gen. Donald Lamontagne '69 - Football and Baseball
Stanley Levy '50 - Tennis and Cross Country
Tim McCormick '77 - Baseball
Mike Stotz '81 - Football

Class of 2012 (January 28, 2012)
Jim LeBuffe B.A. '70 - Basketball
James "Val" Vandeventer B.A '78, M.A. '85 - Baseball
Brian Wickes B.S. '81, M.S. '84, Ph. D. '92 - Football
Kimberly Robinson- Dean B.A. '89 - Swimming
Jerry McGee - Track and Field Coach

Class of 2014 (February 1, 2014)

Kate M. Bader, B.S. 1975 - Women’s Basketball

James M. “Red” Conlen, B.A. 1942 - Football

Martin “Marty” Dowd, B.A. 1960 - Tennis

Michael B. Moriello, B.A. 1978 - Football

Mark Robison, Class of 1976 - Men’s Track & Field

Mark A. Travaglini, B.A. 1978 - Baseball 

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