CUA Men's Lacrosse Volunteers at Heros Tournament

     On April 21, 2007 Madlax, a Virginia based lacrosse distributor, hosted The Hero's Lacrosse Tournament. The tournament CUA head coach Brooks Singer and the CUA men's lacrosse team volunteered at the event. The inaugural Hero's Lacrosse Tournament was held in honor of Army Specialist Thomas "TJ" Barbieri II.  SPC Barbieri lost his life during a firefight in Iraq while courageously saving his brothers in arms. The goal of the tournament was to endow a handcrank racing bike to the Achilles Track Club Freedom Team. The bike would benefit wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Hospital. The tournament would also honor those who have risked, and sacrificed much to keep us free.  In addition, money was raised to aid veterans' associations that work with wounded vets. Tournament sponsor, The Clark Construction Co., purchased a handcrank racing bike, and donated it in T.J.'s name. The bike will be made available to wounded soldiers in their rehabilitation process.

Co-sponsors of the event also include the Rockville Volunteer Fire Dept., Ariana Resturaunt, Madlax Sports and Datum Legal Printing.  Every member of the men's lacrosse team played a role in making this day successful.  I was not only honored that the tournament was held in my brother's name, but humbled by the hard work and dedication Coach Singer and the team put into the event. My family and I thank the sponsors and the community for the support that made this day a resounding success.  -Matt Barbieri 


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