On-campus physical day

April 27, 2015

All returning student-athletes are required to complete a pre-participation physical examination (PPE) every year.  On April 27, we are offering all student-athletes the opportunity to get their 2015-2016 PPE done on-campus in the gym at the DuFour Center.  The cost is just $20, and once completed, you will be fully cleared to play for the 2015-2016 school year.  Why wait until the last second next year when you could get it done easily on-campus this year?

All athletes are required to complete the on-campus PPE packet and come with a blank on-campus physical form in order to participate.  These two forms can be found on SportsWare Online under the “Forms” tab.  It is the responsibility of each athlete to update their address, emergency contact information, and insurance information on SportsWare Online as any changes arise.

Follow this link to go to SportsWare Online.


Pre-Participation Physical Exam

All student-athletes at the Catholic University of America are required to complete the applicable checklist in its entirety in order to be eligible to participate in their desired sport(s).  Instructions for how to best complete the required paperwork can be found within each of the following checklists:

Varsity Athletes
New Athlete Checklist 
Returning Athlete Checklist 

Club Sports
Club Sports Athlete Checklist

Follow this link to go to SportsWare Online.

Sickle Cell Trait

All first-year varsity athletes must watch the video below and then fill out the Sickle Cell Trait Testing Informed Consent Form located in their 2014-2015 New Athlete PPE Packet.  Instructions for accessing this PPE Packet can be found within the New Athlete Checklist link above. 

Sickle Cell Video

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