Pre-Participation Physical Exam

All student-athletes at the Catholic University of America are required to complete the applicable checklist in its entirety in order to be eligible to participate in their desired sport(s).  Instructions for how to best complete the required paperwork can be found within each of the following checklists:

Varsity Athletes
All forms for on campus physicals for returning athletes are now on Sportsware. Follow this link to go to SportsWare Online. 

All athletes participating in physical day on May 2, will need to print and bring all forms with them and update their records on SWOL

Sickle Cell Trait

All first-year varsity athletes must watch the video below and then fill out the Sickle Cell Trait Testing Informed Consent Form located in their 2014-2015 New Athlete PPE Packet.  Instructions for accessing this PPE Packet can be found within the New Athlete Checklist link above. 

Sickle Cell Video

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