Bernie Dennis
Bernie Dennis
Title: Assistant Coach
Phone: 202-319-6092

Graduate Assistant Bernie Dennis returns to the CatholicUniversity program after a two year hiatus.  From 2001-2004,Coach Dennis was a standout player at Catholic as a catcher andpitcher earning All-Conference Honors three times and All-SouthRegion Honors in 2004.

After graduating from Catholic in 2004, Coach Dennis played in theMilwaukee Brewers organization from 2005-2006 and playedindependent baseball from 2007-2008.  While playingprofessionally, Dennis assisted Head Coach Ross Natoli during thefall season and with recruiting year round.  From 2009-2010,Dennis was the head assistant at Catholic before enrolling in lawschool at the Villanova University School of Law.

"Bernie Dennis has been a vital asset to my program over the past12 years," Natoli explains.  "An outstanding player and leaderduring his playing days at Catholic, Bernie has continued to excelin his many responsibilities as an assistant coach.  Fromrecruiting, to practice planning, game strategy, academic advisingand most importantly player development, he has played a major rolein ensuring our players reach their full potential on the field andin the classroom.  Well versed in all aspects of the game, hiscredentials and proven track record of success have been key to ourprogram's success.  I consider him one of the premier DivisionIII assistant coaches in the country."

Coach Dennis will be responsible for pitchers and catchers for the2013 season while taking classes to complete his Juris Doctorate atthe Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law.  Helives with his wife, Megan, in Kensington, Maryland.

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