Spring Break 2008: Check out the Cardinal Blogs!

Spring Break 2008: Check out the Cardinal Blogs!

Cards of a Feather Flock Together 

Follow the teams as they travel all over the United States and abroad for spring break 2008!  Updates will be posted every few days so keep checking back to get a behind-the-scenes look at your Cardinals on the road!

Women's Soccer
Head Coach JP Sousa- Welcome!
Diana Napolitano- Kings, Queens and Apple Pie
Elyse Bellardini & Suzie Peters- Our Toes Are Frozen!
Jennie Ritter & Alix McDonald- Can't Buy Me Love
Tere Rossi & Chelsea King- You'll Never Walk Alone
Helene Nicoletti & Michelle Spadaro- Mas Football
Diana Spadaro- Victory!
Kelly Alt- Adios England

Bobby Picado- Practice Makes Perfect
Bobby Picardo- Opening Day
Bobby Picardo- Internet Will Be The Death of Me
Bobby Picardo- Frustration

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