Women's Lacrosse Team Adopts New Member

Women's Lacrosse Team Adopts New Member


WASHINGTON- On April 1st, 2010 the Catholic University Women’s Lacrosse team finalized their Friends of Jaclyn adoption with the Penney Family.

The ceremony started with a prayer from the universities Father Frank Gignac where he spoke on the special bond that has now been formed among the Cardinals and the Penney family. Following Father Frank, Sarah spoke on behalf of the friends of Jaclyn foundation giving background information on the organization and discussing how much of a perfect fit the foundation felt the Penneys were for our Catholic University Cardinals.

Soon after Sarah finished, juniors Caitlin Farley and Meghan Paul spoke on behalf of their team expressing to the many people in attendance how the Penneys have been a light for the birds through the many challenges they have faced this season. The juniors talked about the support system they have formed amongst each other through the strength they’ve seen within the three Penney girls, as well as their extreme excitement for the adoption to take place.

At the close of their speech, Caitlin and Meghan left their teammates and Penney Family members (almost 15 in attendance!) with the Friends of Jaclyn saying “live in the moment…play in the moment” as they got ready to step out onto the field against Mary Washington University.  Arianna, Katrina, and Lucienne took part in much of the pregame rituals. They helped the Cardinal Captains with the coin toss before the game started, and were included in the starting line-up for Catholic wearing their jerseys, #44, #66, and #99 to signify their ages. The Catholic University Women’s Lacrosse Team was so excited to officially welcome the Penney family to their team.

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